donald trump isn’t up to the job opinion

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Also, average player then and now are different planets. Now you gotta be prepared to sweat in buckets to stay competitive with most players. I completely disagree that theres no advantage coming with 144hz. I suppose it depends long term also, ie whether or not you going to be a huge asshole to the kid who is completely blameless or not. Eventually the child will want to know about her biological father, and when she comes looking (if she does) you need to not be an asshole about it. Basically, look at what Steve Jobs did and do everything opposite and you good. Without doing any of the limiting math we can just go off of how many times you can do something to remove the 75 move limit. That is give up a piece or move a pawn. At most you can make 96 pawn moves. The expectations are off the rails. Beat Belgium today (it tiny Belgium, not Brazil for crying out loud). Stare down Messi and Argentina Saturday (hey, we got past Ronaldo).

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It a very strange dynamic. My husband and I were just talking about how unbelievable it is that nobody could be bothered to help a family member recovering from a major surgery as well as a broken foot. My husband feels bad he can do more but he has helped as much as he can.

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